Doorwin Texas Project of Tilt Turn Windows ----- Thermal Break Aluminum Windows

About The Project:

This project is one of our excellent projects of tilt turn windows, located in Austin, Texas, USA. This project is about a series of row houses. It features thermal break aluminum windows with tilt turn openings. To improve the strength and aesthetics, we apply hidden hinges. Double glazing fully tempered glass provide good performance. Low-E coating,argon gas filled and warm edge spacer to achieve better performance.

About Shop Drawing

After we discuss the project details with the clients, we decide on the tilt turn opening way. As the opening is 72 inches (1829mm) tall and 72 inches (1829mm) wide, that’s a big opening. Consider the size, we decide to separate the window with top transom of 24 inches (610mm) and divide the windows into three small sashes for the bottom. With the left and right opens and fixed in the middle. Thus the window design is reasonable and with great ventilation. 

The Customer’s Feedback

The clients are happy with the quality and design of the windows. He is glad to share with us “Installation is going good, thank you. I look forward to showing you this project with your windows; very impressive.”

Why do Clients like Doorwin’s Tilt Turn Windows?

                                  --- Thermal Break Aluminum Windows

When you buy windows from a window manufacturer, the very first questions you want to ask is : Why makes your windows attractive? Why do I like your windows? If this is what worry about you, you are asking the right question to the right manufacturer. This is Doorwin’s answers to your questions.

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Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt Turn windows are one of the advanced windows with dual functions. Tilt Turn windows are originated in Germany and popular in Europe. Now tilt turn windows are getting popular in modern residential and commercial housings.

Tilt turn windows have two ways of opening. When it turns, it swings inward to open as a casement. When it tilts, the sash tilts a 15 cm gap to allow for all weather ventilation. It’s a hopper. Thus, tilt turn windows combine the advantages of casement and hoppers while it skips their disadvantages. Therefore, tilt turn windows is energy efficient and high performance and secure.

Thermal Break Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are durable, easy finishing and low maintenance. Aluminum windows are available in over 250 RAL colors ( Besides excellent powder coating technique makes various colors for the aluminum profiles, aluminum can even have simulated wood grain by our experienced wood grain finishing technique. Aluminum windows are popular, especially in warm areas. But if your home is in cold area or have a cold winter. Thermal break aluminum sounds like a better choice. 

Thermal break aluminum applies a non-metal polyamide bar between the interior and exterior aluminum to stop or break the transmission of cold and heart, also known as thermally broken aluminum. Thermal break aluminum is at least 3 times more energy efficient than aluminum windows.

Double Glazing With Low-e Coating, Argon Gas Filled, Warm Edge Spacer

Double glazing fully tempered glass is our standard option for glazing to provide good performance. To improve the performance, we apply low-e coating and argon filled to meet the high performance need. Warm edge spacer of TECHNOFORM brand is provide to achieve better performance. 

Hidden Hinges

For this project, we apply hidden hinges to provide better strength and good sealing. The hidden hinges is hidden within the window frame. When the window closes, you cannot see the hinges. Thus it improves the strength and aesthetics.

Nailing Fin/Flange

For the windows exported to America, we manufacture with nailing fin/flange, which is a helpful tool for installation. Thus we provide easy and quick installation to the windows and save potential installation cost for our clients.

About Doorwin

Doorwin is one of the professional window manufacturers, having been providing windows and doors to USA and Europe for years. We are familiar with US building codes and climates, our products are easy to pass the inspection smoothly. We specialize in providing all sorts of windows, especially for the tilt turn window in thermal break aluminum or wood frame. Many homeowners and construction professionals love our products and get back to us on their next projects. Doorwin, a trustworthy window manufacturer. Find out more about us at .

About Doorwin’s Packing System

Doorwin's professional packing system will Guarantee all products be delivered safely and without any damage.We apply a four point packing system. Firstly, adhesive plastic film on interior wood frames and exterior aluminium frames to avoid scratch on the surface. Then, paper board is applied after we apply air bubble film surrounding the whole windows/ doors to avoid any destroy or clash. Lastly, we place them into a durable non-fumigation plywood crate to avoid any possible damage during transportation.

About Doorwin Products’ Certifications

Doorwin windows and doors are certificated by NFRC, NAMI or AS2047. Intertek testing reports certify the performance of Doorwin products. Our windows and doors are made in accordance with local building codes and pass the inspection smoothly. We care about quality and performance as well as aesthetics, we mean to bring every client the quality products that they have been looking for.

About Samples

We would like to offer you a FREE sample for quality test. For samples, you are welcome to contact our window expert Vincent in the way you like.

Email Address: and 

U.S Mobile: +1 858 260 9698

Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 18600026127

Skype: Vincent-1860


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