Doorwin Project Of Wood Alu-Clad Tilt Turn Windows With Great Privacy

 About The Project

This project is about tilt turn windows with wood alu-clad window frame and built-in shutters design, located in Windsor, Canada. Tilt turn windows are energy efficient and multifunctional, and contemporary. Wood alu-clad window frame are energy efficient and time-tested, great for the climate of Canada. With built-in shutters, you are free to control the amount of the light and they provide great privacy. Tempered Glass and Germany provide excellent security and durability.

About The Windows Design

Most of cities in Canada is cold in winters and requires great insulation. Either vinyl or fiberglass is good enough to meet high performance of energy efficiency like wood alu-clad. For opening ways, tilt turn windows are getting popular and practical, which is good for the project. With built-in shutters, more privacy is added.

The Customer’s Feedback

After receiving our beautiful windows, the client cannot be more happier and share his excitement to us at the first time. “ Windows look awesome!”. Surly he likes what he gets from us. 

Why Do Clients Like Doorwin’ s Wood Alu-Clad Tilt Turn Windows ?

With rich experience of project cases in USA and Canada, Doorwin Window Experts are familiar with local climate and building codes, our products are easy to pass the inspection smoothly. Our clients are satisfied with our quality products and delicate thoughtful design. They love to get back to us with positive feedback, and would like to bother us on next projects.



Wood Alu Clad Window Frame

Wood windows are beautiful and time-tested. They are energy efficient and unique. Wood clad aluminum windows are advanced windows with high performance, which is important in cold areas like Canada. Wood windows rank at the top in energy efficiency, but they might rot and warp as time moves on, however, with aluminum exterior cladding, it is well-protected. Quality oak from North America is carefully selected before manufacturing. We use the finest extruded aluminum with thickness up to 1.4mm to provide good strength. Aluminum color options are all available in 250 RAL colors (


Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt turn windows are European style window type and getting popular in modern housing. The windows have two ways of opening by the different position of the handle. When the handle turns 90 degrees, it is an inward casement windows. It offers maximum ventilation and unobstructed view. Among all the operable windows, casement windows are the most energy efficient. When the handle turns 180 degrees, it is a top opening hopper, which can even open it in rainy days. Tilt turn windows bring the the benefits of casement and hopper together.


Built-In Shutters

Built-in shutters are one of greatest match for windows. With them, you don’t have to install curtains, let alone replacing or cleaning curtains. Built-in shutters allow you free to control the amount of light that comes to your room. They are durable and low maintenance. Both manual operator and remote controller are available for us to make.


About Glazing & Hardware

Double pane tempered glass is our standard options for windows. With low-e coating, argon gas filled and warm edge spacer, our windows are with excellent performance. Triple pane or laminated glass are provided for higher performance requirements.


We apply Germany origin brand hardware to provide great security and durability. The multi-point locks have fewer parts and can hold 400lbs per parts, which can last for years.

About Doorwin

Doorwin Group, Professional Manufacturer of Windows and Doors, we have been exporting Quality Windows and Doors to Different States in USA, such as California, Washington, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington DC. Our products are suited for high-end personal housing and commercial buildings. We bring quality products from factories to home to each client. We would like to help with your projects. Contact us at or visit our website at 


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